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Zhangjiagang city samsung screen equipment co., LTD(Zhangjiagang city electronic equipment factory)Is the first in China、Development、One of the manufacturers production projection screen,Its“Samsung”Card projection screen in the market enjoy high reputation at home and abroad。

In order to meet the needs of new and old customers at home and abroad,Our factory developed cooperation with Shanghai east China normal university、Development、The production“Metal soft curtain、Metal screen”Is popular among customers,Products using high radiation coefficient of new materials development,With high reflection、High brightness、The image is clear、Radiation characteristics of bright colours。On the basis of the original production technology enterprises,Conducted a series of technical improvement,And configure advanced product testing equipment,Through the strict quality control procedures and inspection method,It built the good appearance、High-definition、High brightness of metal screen、White plastic curtain、A bead curtain and electric screen、Remote control curtain、Tripod screen、Since the lock screen and other varieties,Complete specifications“Samsung”Brand series screen,And provide customers with a full range of technical service and support OEM Or ODM And so on。

The company has become“China quality inspection association member enterprise”,Education industry well-known enterprises campaign was won“Ten big brand projection and display equipment”、“China's well-known brands”。Products throughISO9001:2000Quality system certification、CECertification。Over the years“Samsung”Projection screen has become Europe and the United States、South-east Asian countries buyers preferred products,Distance education in China,All the colleges,Multimedia tenders bidding,The good news,Welcome new and old customers to inquire、Procurement。

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Samsung screen equipment

Zhangjiagang city samsung screen equipment co., LTD(Zhangjiagang city electronic equipment factory)

Address:Zhangjiagang city, jiangsu province three hing town golden village

Zip code:215624 The legal representative;The promoter method

The phone:0512-58535103 58571787



Chinese domain name:www.Samsung brand electronic screen.com

www.Samsung card screen.com www.Teaching equipment.com

E-mail address:1030463252@qq.com 

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